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Four fully-qualified and experienced French National ski instructors to help you !

Private, group or family lessons in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere ....

Valérie Goin

The mountains, snow and skiing are a natural and familiar environment to me. I was born into a family of skiers: my parents were instructors in Barcelonette, and after some…

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Valerie Pesas

I spent my entire youth on the shores of Lake Annecy, where I learnt basic sailing and skiing skills. Thanks to family connections with Charles Diebold, one of the resort’s…

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Marc Pesas

From my upbringing in an outdoor sports-oriented family in a Parisian suburb, I inherited the love of coordinated movement and being one with nature. I was a young rock climber,…

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François Mas

Born in Grenoble, I benefited from the equipment created in my childhood for the Olympic Games. Skiing and the mountains have become obvious since I was 3 years old, with…

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About us Our mission, Our strength

From Grenoble, through market town Barcelonnette, to Annecy or suburban Paris, we all come from different horizons. But every winter our work in the heart of the mountains and our shared passion for skiing bring us together.

All four of us went to the same National Ski School, we all worked hard on the same slopes and together we have developed our own sense of what progress is all about, by sharing our teaching experience. We enjoy getting together for a meal, each of us bringing along new ideas or feedback about teaching methods, technique, about our clients… it helps us all advance. Skiing has evolved over the years and continues to do so, equipment, slopes, snow conditions and habits are constantly changing. Each lesson has to be different, but not only to keep up with the times. Above all it’s to satisfy the uniqueness of each individual.

Our mission : help you to improve your skiing through lessons targeting your needs
Our strength : adapting our teaching to make your learning experience more enjoyable